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i-Fischer Engineering GmbH was launched on April 3, 2001 as a partnership between Intermass Fischer Asia Pte Ltd./Singapore, Dr. H.-E. Koenen/Germany/Thailand/Singapore and ILUDEST Destillationsanlagen GmbH/ Germany.

Our motto is "expect essentials", reflecting a promise to our prospective clients on what could be expected from this all-new joint venture team for design of Process Engineering Systems and Pilot Plants for the Petrochemical Industry.

To date, after several years of operation we can report more than 300 successful installations all over the world. Therefore it is now both an opportunity to express our sincere thanks to these customers who trusted in our expertise and capabilities, and to guarantee continuation and improvement of our successful formula and world-wide service network for the benefit of our customers.


News from “Distillation Tailor Made”…

With an innovative solution again the distillation experts of ILUDEST were able to solve a very ambitious customer demand by putting into practice …


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!


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Iran Oil Show 2017

A few impressions taken from ILUDEST’s and i-Fischer’s recent participation in the Iran Oil Show 2017 in Tehran:


Distillation Plant for Renewable Fuel Creation Biofuels from Synthetic Crude Oils

ILUDEST’s/i-Fischer’s latest innovative Project


Arab Lab 2017

A few impressions taken from ILUDEST’s...


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